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Advertising and Media

Beauty Brand Creates Campaign to Combat Mental Illness
More Americans commit suicide than die of breast cancer, but corporate support for mental illness is decidedly scant.
For Banana Boat, Epic Battles Between Men and Sun
Banana Boat is introducing what it says is a first in the sun-care aisle, a men's line, and the commercials are no day at the beach.
Promoting Its Own Products, a Magazine Labels an Ad as News
Shape magazine draws a rebuke for an unusual case in which it served as both publisher and advertiser.

Social Media

A Thumbs-Up Brings Favorite Artists to Life For Pandora Listeners
How Pandora listeners suddenly got a one-on-one concert.
Fruit of the Loom Sees Workers in Their Underwear
For LinkedIn members who change jobs, a change of underwear.
When Bloggers Don't Follow the Script, to ConAgra's Chagrin
A stunt to pass off frozen meals as restaurant cuisine backfires for a Con Agra brand.

men's style

For Men, a Gluteus More Maximus
Why men increasingly are getting butt-enhancement surgery and wearing shapewear.
Personal Grooming Products to Keep Men Fresh
A surge of products to help men prevent "batwings."
Men's Make-Up Becomes a Bull Market
Concealer and other non-detectable make-up gains traction with men.


Weight Watchers Serving Up Understanding to Those Who Eat Their Feelings
A celebrity-free departure for relating to the overweight.
Aiming to Reduce a Stigma, Depend's New Pitch Is 'Drop Your Pants'
Imagining a parade of of the pantless in incontinence products.
Hard-to-Watch Commercials to Make Quitting Smoking Easier
More effective than telling smokers that their habit shortens life expectancy: the risk of disfigurement.


Seder Fare for Pets That Keep Kosher
Why kosher pet food is not meshugas.
Meet the Rat Lady
A rat lover explains.
Room at the Inn for Fido, as Long as He's a Lap Dog
Many hotels that claim to be dog-friendly actually shun all but small breeds.


Laying the Lox on Thick, a Dating Site Focuses on Jewish Humor
Hoping to strike a chord, JDate also strikes a nerve.
Wingmen in the Wings
A group that aims to help men untie their tongues.
A Guide to Embracing Life as a Single (Without the Resignation)
A singles site that skirts dating.

Books and Publishing

You Say Tom Robbins, I Say Tom Clancy
With audiobooks, couples have to compromise on something else besides pizza toppings: authors.
How Should a Book Sound? And What About Footnotes?
The strange case of how David Foster Wallace's voice sounds in his footnotes for his audiobook.
Wordsmiths: They Also Serve Who Only Vote on ‘Ain’t’
How a usage panel shapes how we use and pronounce words.

Public Radio

Portrait of a Dog
Photographer Amanda Jones takes pictures of dogs - and her work is in high demand.

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