Andrew Adam Newman

Freelancer, frequent contributor to The New York Times. andrewadamnewman[AT]gmail[DOT]com

More than 500 articles in The New York Times in numerous sections including Business, Style and Arts. Other outlets include New York magazine, Salon, Adweek and Studio 360. Previously served as editor for alternative newspapers in Pittsburgh, Maine and Boise.


Wordsmiths: They Also Serve Who Only Vote on ‘Ain’t’
How a usage panel shapes how we use and pronounce words.
You Say Tom Robbins, I Say Tom Clancy
With audiobooks, couples have to compromise on something else besides pizza toppings: authors.
How Should a Book Sound? And What About Footnotes?
The strange case of how David Foster Wallace's voice sounds in his footnotes for his audiobook.

Public Radio

Portrait of a Dog
Photographer Amanda Jones takes pictures of dogs - and her work is in high demand.
Helms and Stein
What if retired Senator Jesse Helms could recite a lesbian love poem by Gertrude Stein?
American Standard
A a new film currently in production called American Standard takes place entirely in New York bathrooms, public and private.

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